Star Gooseberry

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Common Name: katuk, star gooseberry, or sweet leaf
Scientific Name: Sauropus androgynus
Family Name: Phyllanthaceae

Edible Usages:

Star gooseberry is eaten raw, cooked, pickled or made murabba (candied). Fruit juice added with sugar is used as cold drinks. Fresh fruits are cooked and pickled in salt or made into a thick syrup. Fruits are also made used to prepare chutney, relish or preserves along with other fruits. Leaves are cooked as dish. Unripe fruit is sour flavouring agent.

Medicinal Usages:

Leaves of Star gooseberry are cooked and eaten. It possess analgesic, antipyretics, antirheumatic properties. Leaves are used to treat jaundice, small pox, itching and gum infection. An aqueous extract of leaf possess antiviral, anticystic fibrosis, hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties.


Star Gooseberry Uses, Remedies, Research, Side Effects


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