Common Name: Okra, Lady’s fingers
Scientific Name: Abelmoschus esclentus
Family Name: Malvaceae

Edible Uses :

  • Immature fruit – cooked on their own or added to soups
  • Seed – cooked or ground into a meal and used in making bread or made into ‘tofu’ or ‘tempeh’
  • The roasted seed is a coffee substitute.
  • The seed contains up to 22% of an edible oil
  • The leaves, flower buds, flowers and calyces can be eaten cooked as greens
  • The leaves can be dried, crushed into a powder and stored for later use as a flavoring.
  • Root – it is edible but very fibrous


Medicinal Uses :

  • The roots are very rich in mucilage, having a strongly demulcent action. This mucilage can be used as a plasma replacement.
  • An infusion of the roots is used in the treatment of syphilis.
  • The juice of the roots is used externally in Nepal to treat cuts, wounds and boils.
  • The leaves furnish an emollient poultice sudorific or antiscorbutic and to treat dysuria.
  • A decoction of the immature fruits is demulcent, diuretic and emollient. It is used in the treatment of catarrhal infections, ardor urinae, dysuria and gonorrhoea.
  • The fruit is crushed with the young leaves and then used to wash the hair and to treat dandruff.
  • The seeds are antispasmodic, cordial and stimulant. An infusion of the roasted seeds has sudorific properties.
  • An infusion of the flowers is used to treat phlegm in the mucous membranes of the chest


Reference :- http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Abelmoschus+esculentus


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