Orange Jasmine


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Common Name: Orange jasmine, orange jessamine, china box or mock orange
Scientific Name: Murraya paniculata
Family Name: Rutaceae

Edible Usages:

Take 30 grams of dried yellow root then wash with running water and cut into pieces. Then boiled with 3 cups water, until the water shrink 2 cups. After the water becomes cold, strain and drink the water 2 times a day, namely: morning and evening, each ½ cup. Take the leaves of yellow flowers, wash and then boil with 3 cups water as much as 3 grams, then let the water boil down to shrink the half. Then afterwards, wait for the water to cool, then strain and drink the water 3x a day, in the morning ½ cup, afternoon ½ cup, and the night ½ cup. It can eventually cure your Urinary tract infection.

Medicinal Usages:
Orange Jasmine root and Lantana camara root is washed, then add 3 pairs of chicken legs. And all the ingredients are cut into pieces as needed and then add enough water to be submerged. All the ingredients are then cooked. Once cooked and the water is drunk warm. Slice the yellow flowers to get the oil. Then heat the flower’s natural oil over the fire for a few moments, using a small flame as it heats. Then, drip the oil on a tooth that has holes and swollen gums.


Health benefits of Orange Jasmine

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