Moringa Leaves


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Common Name: Moringa, Drumstick Tree
Scientific Name: Moringa oleifera
Family Name: Moringaceae

Edible Uses :

  • They are extremely delicious, and boost your urge for food.
  • Sometimes, they’re cut longitudinally into fine strips, and also cooked along with spicy gravy as well as chilly.
  • If you’re out for the formal meal, drumsticks might be served by breaking it open, and you’ve got to consume the inner soft pods with the aid of your spoon. It’s really a delicacy. Throughout your family dinners, your teeth can certainly do the work of the spoon, since you don’t need to be so formal. Usually the pods are consumed, whilst the outer skin is discarded.
  • Drumsticks can also be used just for garnishing, simply by chopping them into tiny pieces.
  • The soft sensitive green pods are occasionally also utilized in various other preparations, even with meat.
  • Appetizing, whenever cut peeled and into finger lengths as well as cooked in spicy gravy.
  • At a formal meal, the shell of the piece of drumstick is split open along with spoon and fork, and the spoon utilized to scrape out the tasty interior with its entire scrumptious flavor. During family meals the preferred technique is to get the section of drumstick using the fingers as well as scrape away the soft center using the teeth. The woody exterior is additionally chewed to extract flavor and after that discarded to the side of the plate.
  • Sambhar created using lentils as well as veggies is regarded as the loved side dish for rice or dosas or even idli’s in southern India.
  • Sliced, young green pods may be used in tasty as well as meat dishes.
  • Though many wish to stick to its use within curries, sambhar, kormas, and dals, it’s a big surprise veggie, which also tends to make tasty cutlets, etc.
  • Tender drumstick, perfectly chopped, makes an outstanding garnish for just about any veggies, dals, sambhar, salads, etc.
  • If the pulp needs to be scraped out after cooking the sticks, then keep the pieces so long as 4-5 inches long. Also don’t scrape the skin just before boiling. This will assist to hold and scrape them easier along with lesser mess.


Medicinal Uses :

  • Improves Nervous and Immune system
  • Fights cold and flu.
  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Avoids infection
  • Digestive Disorders.
  • Lung problems.
  • Excellent iron tonic.
  • Urinary Disorders
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Reduces Cancer Level
  • Reduces Intestine Tumor or Ulcer
  • Improves Vision of Eye and Retina
  • Reduces Ladies Period Cramps
  • Uterus Fibroid
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Beneficial for Brain Injury
  • Improves Digestion problem
  • Reduces Diabetic Level
  • Makes Gall Bladder Healthy.

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