Common Frangipani

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Common Name: Common frangipani
Scientific Name: Plumeria rubra
Family Name: Apocynaceae

Edible Usages:
Add frangipani flowers to any salad. The flowers mix well with virtually all lettuce- and spinach-based salads. Dip the petals in batter and fry them in oil. Top cakes with frangipani flowers.The flowers freeze well so you can use them to garnish ice cream cakes. The dried leaves can be used in making tea. It adds some fragrance and a subtle taste.

Slowly introduce frangipani flowers into your diet. If you consume too much initially, you may experience digestive issues.

Medicinal Usages:
The milky juice is used for treating rheumatism and inflammation. The tree bark is used for fever, diarrhea, hard tumors and gonorrhea. Consume the flowers with betel nut to cure ague. The poultice of heated leaves is helpful for swellings. The sap is used for treating stings of bees, wasps and centipede bites.


Frangipani facts and benefits

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