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Common Name: emperor’s candlesticks, candle bush, candelabra bush, Christmas candles, empress candle plant, ringworm shrub, or candletree
Scientific Name: Senna alata
Family Name: Caesalpinioideae

Edible Usages:
Leaves and flowers are cooked. An inflorescence could be boiled with chilli. Fresh leaves and flowers are consumed as vegetables or curries in Myanmar. In Peninsular Malaysia, young shoots are cooked and consumed as vegetable. Toasted leaves with Glycine beans are made into a drink similar to coffee. In Philippines, young immature pods are consumed raw or steamed in small quantities. Young pods are eaten as vegetable.

Medicinal Usages:
Senna alata (also known as Cassia alata) is often called the ringworm bush because of its very effective fungicidal properties, for treating ringworm and other fungal infections of the skin. The leaves are ground in a mortar to obtain a kind of “green cotton wool”. This is mixed with the same amount of vegetable oil and rubbed on the affected area two or three times a day. A fresh preparation is made every day. Its active ingredients include the yellow chrysophanic acid. Its laxative effect, due to its anthraquinone content, is also well proven.


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