Bottle Gourd

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Common Name: Bottle Gourd
Scientific Name: Lagenaria siceraria
Family Name: Cucurbitaceae

Edible Uses :

  • Immature fruit – cooked and used as a vegetable. They can be boiled, steamed, fried, used in curries or made into fritters.
  • The pulp around the seed is purgative and should not be eaten.
  • The fruit can be dried for later use.
  • Leaves and young shoots – cooked and used as a potherb.
  • Seed – cooked. Rich in oil, it is added to soups.
  • A vegetable curd, similar to tofu, can be made from the seed.
  • An edible oil is obtained from the seed. It is used for cooking.


Medicinal Uses :

  • The pulp around the seed is emetic and purgative.
  • A poultice of the crushed leaves has been applied to the head to treat headaches.
  • The flowers are an antidote to poison.
  • The stem bark and the rind of the fruit are diuretic.
  • The fruit is antilithic, diuretic, emetic and refrigerant.
  • The juice of the fruit is used in the treatment of stomach acidity, indigestion and ulcers.
  • The seed is vermifuge. A poultice of the boiled seeds has been used in the treatment of boils.
  • Taken with Achyranthes spp the seed is used to treat aching teeth and gums, boils etc.
  • Extracts of the plant have shown antibiotic activity.


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