Black Mulberry

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Common Name: Black Mulberry
Scientific Name: Morus nigra
Family Name: Moraceae

Edible Usages:
Fruit – raw, cooked or used in preserves. A delicious slightly acid flavour, it makes an excellent dessert fruit and can be eaten in quantity. The fruit can also be dried and ground into a powder.

Medicinal Usages:
The mulberry has a long history of medicinal use in Chinese medicine. The leaves are taken internally in the treatment of colds, influenza, eye infections and nosebleeds. The root bark is used internally in the treatment of asthma, coughs, bronchitis, oedema, hypertension and diabetes. The bark is used to expel tape worms from the stomach. Extracts of the plant have antibacterial and fungicidal activity. A homeopathic remedy is made from the leaves. It is used in the treatment of diabetes.


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