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Home growers

Our home growers loves gardening at their backyard. They are passionate towards fresh produce, food security and sustainable development.

Our services:

  • Marketplace platform
  • Storage
  • Logistic
  • Loyaty program for sellers

Register as a home grower in Pasarkita. Our team members will contact you.

Plant Management

Monitor and manage from growth to harvesting the plants. Tracking plants problem and solutions. 

Marketplace platform

  • Platform to sell your vegetables and fruits over the internet


  • Manage your vegetables, fruits and plants inventory in Pasarkita.


  • Store growers vegetables and fruits for buyers


  • Keep seller & buyers informed about logistics updates in real-time


Membership Programme
Growers have to drop the fruits and vegeables at the nearby dropbox area
Limited product upload and functionalities
10% Transaction Fee

Our home growers

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Home growers