Home growers

Our home growers loves gardening at their backyard. They are passionate towards fresh produce, food security and sustainable development.

Our services:

  • Marketplace platform
  • Storage
  • Logistic
  • Loyaty program for sellers

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Plant Management

Monitor and manage from growth to harvesting the plants. Tracking plants problem and solutions. 

Marketplace platform

  • Platform to sell your vegetables and fruits over the internet


  • Manage your vegetables, fruits and plants inventory in Pasarkita.


  • Store growers vegetables and fruits for buyers


  • Keep seller & buyers informed about logistics updates in real-time


Membership Programme
NO soil, compost, fertilizer and organic pesticide for planting
Growers have to drop the fruits and vegeables at the nearby dropbox area
Limited product upload and functionalities
NO Maintainance & Support
Monthly Income

Our home growers

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Home growers