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Young Eco Warriors

Our 4 hour programme consist of few activities for preschool and primary school children to eat, learn and play.

Today’s kids average seven hours daily in front of electronics, such as television, tablets, laptops and phones. If you’re like most parents, you probably already knew your kids tend to devote more waking hours to “screen time” than they do to outdoor play. 

The benefits of this workshop for children’s development are extensive, both in early childhood and the school-age years. Outdoor play directly impacts a child’s weight, physical strength and ability to fight off illness. Kids who spend a lot of active time outdoors in their early years generally continue to exercise more regularly as they age.


Garden Tour

This event is not to be missed if you enjoy gardens and beautiful plants. Make a day or a weekend of it. Invite your family to the park.


Kids will get their hands on from germinating the seeds till harvest. We provide a starter kit for kids to bring home and monitor their progress using Pasarkita Grower app.

Garden Games

We encourage children to spend more time in the outdoors and away from technology aids their physical well-being, and helps them improve their emotional and intellectual health, too.

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