What is Pasarkita ?

PASARKITA is the 1st Malaysia based technology company offering urban gardeners to sell organic vegetables and fruits from garden to table. Our urban gardeners are from residents association, organisations, institutions, schools and home owners.


Organic vegetables and fruits


Fresh vegetables and fruits


Produce to Pasarkita

Why Pasarkita ?

Pasarkita provide marketplace, storage and logistic for urban gardeners to sell their fresh veggetables, fruits and plants to community.

How does it work ?



Grow vegetables and fruits. Sell their produce to Pasarkita.


We buy, pack and store in our storage area. Deliver to our buyer.



Subscribe monthly vegetables and fruits package. Receive vegetables and fruits from Pasarkita every week.

Comunity Gardens

These are the community gardens.

Residents Association

Organisations / Institutions


Registered users

Our registered users are combination of growers and buyers. Join our community now!

Passionate growers


How can we help you?

Q: Does pasarkita have product limit for each home?

It depends on square foot area. 1 vegetable for 100 square foot area. We want more supply to support the community demand.

Q: Does Pasarkita help to promote community vegetables and fruits online?

Yes. We promote our sellers produce through our offline and digital marketing.

Q: How to register as a gardener ?

Select this link to Register as a gardener

Q: Pasarkita suitable for home gardeners ?

Yes! You can sell your vegetables or fruits to community using our platform 

Q: Do you support 24/7?

Pasarkita support from 9am to 9pm

Q: Pasarkita a mobile friendly app?

Yes! You may use in any device with web browser. It is a mobile-first system and we've designed it for your convenience so you can manage your business no matter where you are.

Q: Does pasarkita provide storage and logistic ?

Yes, we provide storage and logistic for our sellers.

Our collaboration partners

Our partners are the new village green, creating healthier communities by increasing community involvement and interaction between neighbors, providing fresh fruits and vegetables, and increasing opportunities for healthy outdoor physical activity.